Challenges doing Capstone Projects Help

In a capstone Project, student pursues over an independent problem or a question of their choice, engage in scholarly debates of the relevant topics and produce a substantial with deep and sound understanding of the topic with the help and guidance of their faculty member.

Students have to complete a capstone project before getting their degree. These projects are a combination of all the knowledge students have gained during their course, and aims to reveal the best of what the student have understood. These can be done on a variety of topics but it needs to be thoroughly chosen so it would be easy to demonstrate one’s knowledge on the topic and the subtopics. Students must also come up with a solution to the described issue or question in the end.

These type of projects ae often hard to deal with by the students. As they require proper demonstration of the abilities and skills while doing the project as per the strict requirements. Working on these projects is effort and time consuming process. Tons of issues are faced while conducting the research on the chosen topic. Resulting in an overall bad project.

The first challenge that a student faces is the selection of an appropriate topic. Selecting a topic that is far too ambitious or difficult can result in back fire, since you have limited time to complete the project, that too with your other courses and assignments. It’s important to select a topic that is realistically possible to complete in the given time frame with reasonable and appropriate results. The end time frustration when the time gets short and the desired results do not appear, students often tend to cut corners and hurry through the process. The topic must be discussed with the supervisor and an implementation plan must be executed.

The second challenge faced buy the students is the running time. It may appear in the beginning that there is an ample time to complete the project, but in reality, this time passes by quickly, leaving the projected with incomplete conclusions. Implementation plan with reasonable time allocated to each section must be produced. The plan must be strictly followed while avoiding the temptations to delay.

Third challenge faced by the students is the end paper work. Students may have tirelessly worked day and night over the question or the issue, but if they fail to produce a well-structured report in the end, it all goes to waste. The project evaluation is not only based on the conducted research, but also the final presentation and report. Efforts must done for the final presentation and the report writing.

On certain occasions student may also be forced to change the topic form its initial concept by the faculty supervisor. This often occurs when the project is deemed to give unrealistic conclusions. Students must therefore inform about the results and findings of every step to the advisor. Advisors may sometimes be unavailable too, so they must be informed about the meeting beforehand.

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